Monday, 27 June 2011

Skunks make great pets!

From ERIC SHACKLE in Sydney, Australia. <ericshackle*> 

Skunks (de-odorised, of course), may not be your idea of a pet, but hundreds of skunklovers around the world think they're cute and lovable.

These clever critters are popular pets in the US, Canada, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Citizens of North Ridgeville,  a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, are eagerly preparing to hold the 10th annual Skunkfest there on Saturday, September 10.

Judges will select a King Skunk, a Queen Skunk, and Prince and Princess Skunks.

The official website says it will be "a friendly gathering for skunk lovers and skunk owners from everywhere to share some fun and discussionsabout skunks."

Most skunks are black with a white stripe, but others are white, gray, brown, beige or pale lavender.
A skunk's stink comes from a gland under its tail. It can squirt a vile-smelling but harmless oily liquid as far as 10 feet (three metres).

"Skunk spray causes no real damage
to its victims, but it sure makes them uncomfortable," says an anonymous writer in National Geographic.

"It can linger for many days and defy attempts to remove it. As a defensive technique, the spray is very effective.

"Predators typically give skunks a wide berth unless little other food is available."


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